Even LEGO People Can Get Inked

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lego tattoos Even LEGO People Can Get Inked

LEGO people come in all different styles these days, making it easy to make a tiny version of yourself that can live in your LEGO castle, and drive a LEGO car. Unfortunately, tiny LEGO you couldn’t get inked… until now. Barcelona’s Grey Agency, the people behind Pilot Extra-Fine ball-pens have come up with a great way to show off just how fine the tip on those pens is, and customize your LEGO people at the same time. They are showing off some pretty sweet tats on some very tiny LEGO people. These LEGO people have sleeve tattoos, tramp stamps, and chest tattoos. Now all we need is a way to pierce LEGO people, and we’ll be all set.

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Even LEGO People Can Get Inked, 8.6 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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