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19 Crazy Tongue Tattoos

April 8th, 2013

Yes, that’s right, tongue tattoos really do exist.

Anyone who’s had one will admit that getting it inked really does hurt like hell. It’s not for those with a low pain tolerance. Afterwards speech is initially difficult but fans of tongue tattoos always say that the ability to surprise people by sticking out their tongue makes the whole process worthwhile.
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All 19 of Rihanna’s Tattoos

February 19th, 2013

Rihanna has a huge collection of tattoos. Given that she’s rated by American magazine Time as one of the world’s most influential people and by Forbes in 2012 as the 4th most powerful celebrity we thought we’d take a look at each and every one of her 19 tattoos:

1) We start with the Pisces sign which Rihanna has tattooed behind her ear. No prizes for guessing the meaning of this one… yes, her birth date makes her a Pisces!

Rihanna 2 All 19 of Rihanna’s Tattoos
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17 Christmas Tattoos That You Have To See

December 20th, 2012

Christmas Day may only come around once a year but that doesn’t discourage everyone from opting for a Christmas tattoo. We’ve rounded up 17 of the stand-out Christmas tattoos, some good and some not so good!
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Tim Hunt’s Pacific Tattoo Video

May 1st, 2011

Submitted by a visitor. Pretty cool stuff:

Tim Hunt’s Pacific Tattoo from livlin productions on Vimeo.

or check it out on vimeo directly at:

Even LEGO People Can Get Inked

February 22nd, 2011

lego tattoos Even LEGO People Can Get Inked

LEGO people come in all different styles these days, making it easy to make a tiny version of yourself that can live in your LEGO castle, and drive a LEGO car. Unfortunately, tiny LEGO you couldn’t get inked… until now. Barcelona’s Grey Agency, the people behind Pilot Extra-Fine ball-pens have come up with a great way to show off just how fine the tip on those pens is, and customize your LEGO people at the same time. They are showing off some pretty sweet tats on some very tiny LEGO people. These LEGO people have sleeve tattoos, tramp stamps, and chest tattoos. Now all we need is a way to pierce LEGO people, and we’ll be all set.

Va-ttoos: Temporary Tattoos For Your Lady Bits

July 26th, 2010

vagina tattoo Va ttoos: Temporary Tattoos For Your Lady Bits

If you’ve always wanted to know what your lady flower would look like with an actual flower tattooed around it, but you didn’t want to make such a permanent and drastic move, you’re in luck. A new type of temporary tattoo specially designed for vaginal use has been created. The tattoo is applied using airbrushed ink, which makes for a easy and painless experience. Currently, the only place (that we know of anyway) where you can get a temporary vagina tattoo is Completely Bare Spa in New York, but we’re hoping they’ll start showing up in other places soon.

These Cupcake Tattoos Look Delicious

July 22nd, 2010

cupcake tattoos These Cupcake Tattoos Look Delicious

If you’ve spent any time reading this blog, you probably know that we’re big fans of tattoos based on bizarre subject matter. That’s why we were excited when All Things Cupcake started posting pictures of cupcake tattoos submitted by their users.

The two tats above were submitted to All Things Cupcake by two different people. The one on the left belongs to Dana, who is very much in love with the word “cupcake”. She uses it as a nickname for just about everyone in her life, including family, friends, and her dog. The one on the right belongs to Andrea. When asked about the unconventional razor as a cupcake topping, Andrea said “life isn’t all sweet, sometimes it can be really painful”.  Well, eating a cupcake topped with a razor blade would definitely be painful, so she definitely made her point.

If you have a cupcake related tattoo, send it over to All Things Cupcake, and hey, while you’re at it, submit it to our site too!

Get A Pink Ribbon Tattoo And Benefit The Cancer Society

July 21st, 2010

pink ribbon tattoo Get A Pink Ribbon Tattoo And Benefit The Cancer Society

There are a lot of bad reasons to get a tattoo. Getting a tat because you love your significant other, enjoy a TV show, or because you’re really into a certain celebrity is a bad idea. Getting a tattoo to help charity, on the other hand, is a great idea. Canadian tattoo shop Dead City Studios is offering $60 pink ribbon tattoos from July 19th – 24th. One hundred percent of the profits are going straight to their local branch of the Canadian Cancer Society.

We’re big fans of tattoos that support charities, and if we lived even remotely near Dead City Studios, we’d be getting pink ribbon tats for sure. Their goal is to tattoo 100 people, for a total of $6,000. That’s a pretty hefty donation! We strongly encourage any readers in the area to go and get your pink ribbon ASAP!

Celebrity Tattoos Gone Horribly Wrong

July 20th, 2010

oprah tony danza tattoos Celebrity Tattoos Gone Horribly Wrong

It may seem silly to get a celebrity’s face tattooed to your arm, but hey, if that celebrity touched your life in some way, then go for it. Just don’t go to the tattoo shops that did the work featured in Ranker’s latest tattoo related list. They compiled a list of the 25 terrible tattoos of celebrities’ faces. The list features such memorable faces as David Spade, Alan Alda, and Willie Nelson, and every face on the list is more horrifying than the one before.

It’s easy to imagine someone getting a tattoo of a celebrity’s face, but it’s hard to imagine anyone being happy with the celebrity face tattoos on that list. We’ll be having nightmares about that Tony Danza tattoo for the rest of our lives.

Tattoos That Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

July 19th, 2010

star trek tattoos Tattoos That Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

Buzzfeed has compiled a list of 25 Star Trek tattoos that just shouldn’t exist. The list has everything from bad drawings of your favorite characters, to a tattoo written in Klingon. Some of them actually aren’t so bad, but most of them will make even the most dedicated Trekkie cringe. The two tats pictured above are perfect examples of cringe-worthy Trek tats. Spock-Jesus? Really? And just who are those faces above the Enterprise supposed to be anyway?If you don’t think it’ll damage your nerd-pride too badly, check out the entire list and see what there is to see. We strongly recommend making your way to the very bottom. There’s a surprise waiting there you won’t want to miss.