Tattoos Have Been Around Longer Than You Thought

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mummy tattoos Tattoos Have Been Around Longer Than You Thought

Time for a pop quiz! When did the first truly awesome back tat show up? A hundred years ago? A thousand? Both wrong. Actually, it was kind of a trick question – we’re not exactly sure when the first sweet back tattoo appeared, but the two pictured above are from somewhere between the 3rd and 5th century BC. During a thorough examination, three mummies housed in the State Hermitage’s Department of Archeology of Eastern Europe and Siberia  were found to have some ink. The mummies were originally found in the Pazyryk barrows in Altai in the 1940′s, but the tattoos weren’t discovered until 2004.

The moral of the story here is to consider your tattoo carefully before getting it. You never know, in a thousand years, someone might be examining your remains, and judge you based on that Hello Kitty tattoo.

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