Christine Woods’ Tattoos Written into Flash Forward

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flash foward christine woods tattoo Christine Woods Tattoos Written into Flash Forward

Usually actors have to worry that their ink will keep them from getting roles, but in the case of Christine Woods it not only helped her get the role, but became part of the role on the show Flash Forward.

It started during casting when the producers started referring to her as the “Three Circles Girl” because of her unique tattoo. And while neither the producers nor the actress will explain how the tattoos are relevant to Janis, the character on Flash Forward, just that they’ll probably come up.

The speculation over at Zap 2 It is that there may be a connection between the 3 circles on Janis’s arm and the three star tattoos on the man in Mark Benford’s vision.

Check out the full article at Zap 2 It to find out more.

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