Back Tattoos

Anyone planning to get a large tattoo might considering getting a back tattoo since it allows for a lot of space on both men and women. Back tattoo designs can cover the entire back or just take up a small part like the shoulder or lower back. Men and women might get upper back tattoos since men can show off their backs without a shit and women might show off their upper back under a tank top or bikini top. Back tattoos are also popular because they are easy to show off or hide as you wish.

Some popular back tattoos ideas include angel wing back tattoos, of course, tribal back tattoos and spine back tattoos. Back tattoo designs can be very elaborate with full color scenes and backgrounds. Japanese back tattoos are usually intricate and detailed and part of larger tattoos called irezumi or horimono that cover the whole body. Usually back tattoos take a long time and require a lot of visits but they are always worth it in the end.