Arm Tattoos

Arguably the most common location for a tattoo, the arm tattoo transcends way of life, origin and social group. Anyone could get an arm tattoo because they are easy to conceal or show off. Some people choose to get tattoos wrapped around their arms, called armband tattoos while others get their entire arm covered in artwork, which is known as sleeve tattoos. Perhaps the most common types are tribal arm tattoos, including Maori arm tattoos and Hawaiian arm tattoos. A lot of tribal or cultural arm tattoos tell a story or portray a specific meaning. Some people get tattoos of a dancing woman or other figures on their forearm or their upper arm and can make it seems as though their tattoos is moving when they flex their muscles.

Some of the most popular arm tattoo designs are cultural such as Celtic knots, tribal bands or Chinese and Japanese characters. Some other popular ideas include star arm tattoos, angel arm tattoos, butterfly arm tattoos, and tiger arm tattoos. There’s really no limit to the type of cool arm tattoos someone could get since it’s such a great tattoo location.