Tattoo Flash

When you’re getting a new tattoo you shouldn’t dive right in without any kind of design in mind. Before a tattoo artist can draw a tattoo on your body they usually need some kind of image to work from. Already drawn tattoo designs, or tattoo flash are a great reference so you and the tattoo artist know exactly what the art should look like before any ink is applied to the skin. Every tattoo parlor has some examples of tattoo flash art on their walls or in a catalog to help you decide what kind of tattoos to get. However their selection might be pretty limited compared to the vast amount of tattoo flash galleries found on the internet.

Find tattoo flash you love so you can print it out and bring it to a tattoo artist. Many tattoo artists prefer that you pick out a design before you visit their shop and make sure you think about your tattoo design for a long time so you’re positive it’s what you want. Finding the right flash is really important because many tattoo artists won’t know exactly what you want if you just walk in and say you want a tribal tattoo without any tribal tattoo flash to work from. There are hundreds of thousands of possible tattoo designs so it’s important to narrow it down. So spend some time looking for dragon tattoo flash, angel tattoo flash, tribal tattoo flash or whatever you want before you visit a shop.