City Rejects Tattoo Shop Ad for Bus

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City bus rejects ad for tattoo shop City Rejects Tattoo Shop Ad for Bus

You could hop on any public bus and probably see at least one or two people with a tattoo… probably more than that have them and you would never realize. But for some reason the city officials in Ocean City don’t think they should be advertises on the bus.

City Manager Dennis Dare rejected the $4,200 ad for Independent Tattoo of Selbyville with this explanation:

“It’s the town’s bus. The mayor and council said, we will allow advertising on our bus, but we don’t want it to portray or perpetuate things that aren’t in the spirit of what Ocean City is as a family resort.”

Tres Denk, the co-owner of Independent Tattoo feels that the rejection is unfair and responded with a letter.

“Walk down a block of Ocean City’s beach or Boardwalk during the summer –you will see tattoos, Moms with tattoos. Dads with tattoos. Grandparents with tattoos. They are already in Ocean City, with their families, supporting the economy. How then, does an ad for a type of business, which these visitors have clearly already supported, not fit the image of the town?”

It’s kind of surprising that an ad for a tattoo parlor would be rejected because it’s not family friendly because as Denk points out, tattoos aren’t this taboo unspoken subject anymore. Celebrities, Moms, Dads, people of all walks of life have visible tattoos… so it leaves us asking what’s the big deal Ocean City?

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