Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrities are always setting trends not just in fashion, but in tattoos. Celebrity tattoos get a ton of attention since they’re seen all over magazines, TV, movies and celebrity blogs. Celebrity tattoos are a great way to get tattoo ideas and check out the hottest tattoo trends.

As tattoos spread through pop culture, more and more celebrities like singers, actors, actresses, athletes and musicians are getting tattoos. It was never uncommon for bands and musicians to get a lot of tattoos, but these days even pop stars are getting them. Celebs get inked just like anyone else and have even been known to make the mistake of getting a name tattoo, which of course is risky for stars since their relationships usually end much sooner (and messier) than most. But of course they can usually afford laser surgery so it’s not as big of a deal.

But not only are celebrities getting inked, a lot of fans are getting celebrity tattoos of their favorite celebs. This may be considered a bit extreme or risky by some since sometimes celebrities don’t turn out to be what they seemed originally, but the same could be said for name tattoos. Getting a celebrity’s face or name tattooed to you is an outrageous way to show what a truly dedicated fan you really are.

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