Celtic Tattoos

Celtic Tattoos are a great way for anyone with Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage to express pride in their ancestry. However many people who aren’t of Celtic heritage still get Celtic tattoos because they are fascinated by the intricate knotwork and deep meanings behind the Celtic symbols. Celtic knots are a series of interlacing patterns used in most Celtic art. Another popular piece of Celtic art is the Claddagh, which represents love and friendship. Claddagh tattoos feature a crown that symbolizes loyalty, hands for friendship and a heart representing love.

There are a wide range of other Celtic symbols and popular Celtic tattoo designs include Celtic crosses, Celtic butterflies, Celtic dragons, and of course Celtic shamrock designs. Even the lettering in Celtic tattoo designs is very specific. Celtic armband tattoos are popular since the interlocking Celtic knots repeat beautifully. However any spot can work for a Celtic tattoo design. See other popular locations in our Celtic tattoo gallery.

Celtic tattoos can be black and gray or full color, usually utilizing lots of green shades. It really depends on taste whether or not to go with a monochromatic style or not.

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