Bird Tattoos

The great thing about bird tattoos is that they can carry so many different meanings, both positive and negative. Some bird tattoos are very large and can cover someone’s entire chest or back, while others can be very small and simple. Girls generally tend to get very small bird tattoos, while guys tend to get larger ones.

Different types of birds represent different ideas and feelings all over the world. For instance in many cultures and religions, doves represent peace and love, while ravens represent change, especially in Native American cultures. In some cultures however, ravens are associated with death. Eagles make great tattoo designs because they represent strength, courage and honor. They are also a symbol of American patriotism. Swallow tattoo designs are extremely common because they have traditional roots as nautical tattoos for sailors, as a symbol of returning home safely.

Of course not all bird tattoos are based on actual birds. The phoenix is a very popular bird to get a tattoo of, representing rebirth. Usually phoenix tattoos depict the mythological bird rising up from flames or ashes. Sometimes bird tattoo designs aren’t based on any one type of bird in particular. Sometimes bird tattoos are very simple in design or incorporate a specific style. Tribal bird tattoo designs, as well as Celtic bird tattoos are not uncommon.

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