Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs because like tattoos in general they often represent rebellion and carry a deep meaning. Skull tattoos are known for making the wearer look tough and intimidating. That’s why they have been a favorite for bikers who usually get flaming skull tattoos or include barbed wire or glowing eyes. Another common tattoo idea is skull tattoo sleeves.

Skull tattoo designs can have any number of meanings depending on the design. Most often skulls represent death and can be portrayed in a dark and ominous tone or in a positive and upbeat tone in the case of sugar skull tattoos. Sugar skull tattoos are generally much more colorful that your average skull tat and depict floral patterns. They originate from the Mexican holiday Dia de lose Muertos and are a meant to honor the dead.

Sometimes a skull tattoo design can feature many other popular tattoo symbols like roses, flowers, stars. In some cases they are animal or dragon skulls, rather than the more common human skull. Some skull tattoos are decorated with tribal designs while others are very simple.

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