Small Tattoos

If you’re nervous or unsure about getting a new tattoo it’s a good idea to get a small tattoo.

Small tattoos prepare you for what to expect when getting larger tattoos. Small tattoos are usually discreet and easy to conceal unless they’re somewhere visible like your hands, face or neck. But even small wrist tattoos are easy to hide with the right watch, jewelry or long sleeves. It’s a good idea if you’re nervous that getting a tattoo will hurt because you can have the tattoo finished quickly and get an idea of what it feels like.

What’s great about a small tattoo is that later you can always add to the design and make it the focal point of a bigger tattoo. Small tattoos can be in black ink or color and be located pretty much anywhere on the body. Small tattoo designs aren’t exclusive to any age or gender either. There are all kinds of designs for small tattoos for girls and for guys.

Small tattoos are popular because they’re simple, inexpensive and easy to hide. Some common small tattoo designs include hearts, stars, small dragonfly tattoos, flowers, small fairy tattoos and even small Asian symbols. Small celebrity tattoos are quite common as well since actors and singers may have to hide or cover their tattoos for certain roles or gigs.

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