Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo ideas, with a range of different designs and styles. These mythical creatures are depicted in many different forms, and have a vast range in dragon tattoo designs. For example Chinese dragon tattoos are graceful, long and serpent like with four or five claws. Japanese dragon tattoo designs are similar in form, though only shown with three claws. Being water deities, Japanese dragon tattoos often utilize cool colors and splash like wavy line work. Similar in form, Celtic dragon tattoos use long bodies that weave into Celtic knots—these dragon tattoos represent protection. Most European dragon designs are quite different from their Eastern counterparts. Western dragons have lizard like bodies, and often have wings. These dragons are linked to fantasy tattoo designs that include castles, wizards, and fairies.

Tribal dragon tattoos are popular for their versatility. Scale and detail can be adjusted for taste and location. Tribal dragon tattoo designs can be kept in black ink or include color for details such as water or fire. Other popular dragon tattoos accompany the dragon with items such as a cross, rose, sword or skull.

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