Rose Tattoos

For many the rose is a symbol of femininity and beauty, but the rose has held many meanings over time and can be both feminine and masculine. Some rose tattoo designs a single rose while others may include many roses that surround and accent other designs. Sometimes roses are seen with skulls, angels, koi, and as part of tribal and Celtic rose tattoos. In the Christian religion the five petals of a rose represent the wounds of Christ, so they are often seen as part of Christian or Jesus tattoos. Sometimes roses are used in tandem with phrases like sub rosa, which is greek for “under the rose”, indicating that something is a secret.

Depending on the color of a rose tattoo it may have different meanings. Red rose tattoos are of course the most common which may symbolize beauty or true love. A black rose tattoo may on the other hand represent death as a R.I.P. tattoo. While roses usually represent purity and yellow roses represent friendship. No matter what reason someone decides to get a rose tattoo, it’s usually a very expressive and emotional tattoo since there can be so many meanings behind it.

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