Word Tattoos

While many tattoos often have different meanings through use of symbols and pictures, word tattoos can be a very meaningful way to express an idea as well. Language being such a big part of how we express our thoughts and ideas some ideas can only be expressed through words. Sometimes words can simple emphasize part of a piece of artwork, rather than standing alone.

Word tattoos can range from a single word or a full phrase. Either way the tattoo always has significant meaning to the person getting it. It’s not uncommon for word tattoos to be in a different language. Getting a tattoo in Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Arabic or any language other than a person’s native language adds a sense of mystery. People who see the tattoo usually won’t know what it means and it provides a great opportunity to explain the meaning of the word tattoo (or not explain it if the case may be). Of course getting words in another language is risky if you are unsure of the exact meaning or spelling, so it’s important to be sure before you get the tattoo.

While word tattoos can really work anywhere on the body some common places to get them are the lower back, wrist, foot, knuckles and arms. Although where you get a word tattoo depends on how often you’d like it to be seen as well as how large it is. Another very important factor when getting a word tattoo is choosing the perfect font or letter style. Old English is a popular font as well as many ornate styles of script font. Of course there are endless fonts that work for tattoos. Some that compliment tribal tattoos with a combination of sharp edges and round curves. There are even some fonts that are considered tattoo fonts because the style originated from old school tattoos.’

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