Ankle Tattoos

If you don’t want a tattoo that can be seen day to day, especially if your job prohibits visible tattoos then an ankle tattoo makes a great choice. You can hide it under socks or pants but easily show it off when you’re out by wearing sandals and shorts or a dress. Ankle tattoos are very popular, especially among girls and women. Many people choose to get their first tattoo on their ankle because it is small and can be easily hidden. However the ankle is usually a painful location for a tattoo since the skin is very close to the bone.

Some common ankle tattoo designs include vines, flowers and butterflies. Usually ankle tattoos wrap around the ankle which lead to tribal ankle tattoos or even Celtic ankle tattoos. But anything small enough can be tattooed on the ankle including dragons, crosses, flowers or fairies. Even though ankle tattoos are popular with women, that doesn’t mean they always have to be feminine. Some ankle tattoos can be dark and sinister like a snake or barbed wire wrapped around the ankle.

If you’re having trouble deciding what kind of ankle tattoo design is right for you why not get ideas from celebrity ankle tattoos? Celebrities like getting ankle tattoos for the same reason most people do; they don’t interfere with their work but they can show them off whenever they want to.