Chest Tattoos

The benefit of a chest tattoo is that you have a lot of space to work with. The chest is a great place for a big tattoo that depicts an entire scene. Large chest pieces are usually a favorite tattoo for guys, as women usually get smaller breast tattoos. Even though they are very large tattoos that are easy to display when you want to keep your shirt open, they are also very easy to conceal under a shirt. Japanese chest tattoos, often part of full body horimono tattoos usually leave out a strip of bare skin in the center, so you can leave your shirt open without it being seen. Tribal chest tattoos are another common cultural tattoo that makes the wearer look fierce. Another very common chest tattoo design is word chest tattoos that usually spell out something meaningful in old English or other fancy lettering.

Chest tattoos for men are usually very large and depict images like tigers, dragons or skulls. Sometimes a chest tattoo can take on a patriotic tone, especially old school designs like a ship chest tattoo which include the American flag and bald eagle. Chest tattoos for women however are usually small and can be seen on their cleavage. Common small chest tattoos for women might include designs like a rose, a star or a butterfly.