Hip Tattoos

Just like lower back tattoos, hip tattoos are a great choice for girls or women because they highlight the curves of the female form. Hip tattoos can be very small and delicate or large and extend up through the torso. Regardless of how large or detailed your hip tattoo is, it’s a very sexy location for a tattoo because it’s usually covered. Revealing your hip tattoo at the beach or in low cut pants is a fun and sexy way to share some artwork that’s special to you. The hip area is a very sensitive and sensual location which makes it such a desirable tattoo spot.

Some people worry that hip tattoos are painful because the skin is so close to the bone. While that may be true anyone will tell you that it was worthwhile. Hip Tattoos may require extra attention since your pants rub against the ink often. The healing process may take longer so proper after care is essential. Of course that shouldn’t discourage anyone from getting a hip tattoo because they are a wonderful place to get a piece of beautiful artwork that’s special to you.

Some common hip tattoo designs include flowers, butterflies, stars, fairies and even angel wings hip tattoos. A fun idea for hip tattoos is to get opposite images on either side like an angel on one hip and a devil on the other. Whatever hip tattoo design you chose it should be personal and meaningful to you.