Knuckle Tattoos

Most knuckle tattoos spell out 2 four letter words, one on each hand. Some examples of knuckle tattoo words are “LOVE and HATE”, “ACES and HIGH”, “ROCK and ROLL” or “HARD and CORE.” People with knuckle tattoos can seem pretty intimidating, especially since showing them off usually involves making fists. Knuckle tattoos are a huge commitment since they’re always visible so it’s important to think LONG and HARD about the decision. (For examples those last 4 letter words might make you seem inappropriate).

A knuckle tattoo doesn’t have to be four letter words. You can get a single world across both hands, or a small image tattooed to just one knuckle or finger. A common single finger knuckle tattoo design is a heart, usually on the ring finger. Another knuckle tattoo design might be a date written around the finger to form a band, usually to remember a wedding date, birthday or the anniversary of a loved one’s death. Another tongue-in-cheek knuckle tattoo idea is a ring or diamond… usually worn by a girl who wants to let her potential suitors know what her priorities are. But not matter what kind of knuckle tattoo someone decides to get, it’s always personal and meaningful and sometimes has a great story to go with it.

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