Lower Back Tattoos

The lower back tattoo is considered the sexiest tattoos, especially on women as they accentuate the natural curve of the female form. They are sexy and fun and give girls a great excuse to show off their lower back and midriff with a short tank top or bikini. Lower back tattoo designs are usually feminine and pretty. Common lower back tattoo ideas might include things like a butterfly, fairy, or flower. Tribal lower back tattoos are popular designs, especially as a way to decorate another design in the center. Other popular cultural inspired lower back tattoos include Celtic lower back tattoos, Chinese lower back tattoos and religious lower back tattoos that might include a cross or angel.

Lower back tattoos have a history of sensuality and are sometimes referred to as tramp stamp tattoos. However lower back tattoos have deeper meaning to some. The lower back is also known as the kundalini, which an important energy chakra. Whatever reason you chose to get a lower back tattoo it makes a great tattoo spot since it’s easy to cover up.