3D Tattoos

3D Tattoos are usually some of the most elaborate and impressive tattoos with realistic shadows and depth that create the illusion of a 3-dimensional image on flesh. Traditional tattoo designs are usually flat and simple without a lot of shading but 3D tattoo designs use lots of shadows to look create life-like tattoo designs making them really seem to pop from your skin.

Sometimes 3D designs can make it seem as though the person’s flesh has been torn to expose internal organs, bones or muscle tissue. Sometimes torn flesh can expose mechanical or robotic parts or any number of things you wouldn’t expect. But 3D tattoos don’t always have to show something under the skin; sometimes 3D tats make it look as though an object is actually on top of the skin, such as a lizard or spider that seems to really be crawling on top. Other styles of 3D tattoos look as though something is trying to escape or break free from the body, with parts sticking through and parts “buried” in the flesh.
In extreme cases 3D tattoo designs actually raise the skin a tiny bit by injecting hyaluronic acid under the skin in specific places, usually in an outline or along certain contours. The skin lifts up about 2 millimeters to emphasize outlines and contours as needed. Tattoo artists must be highly skilled to pull off this unique 3D effect.

Using the sugar injections to create 3D tattoos is completely optional and many people choose not to bother since it may be harder to cover or remove later. Also, not every tattoo artist offers this type of body alteration. But no matter what kind of 3D tattoo you decide to get it will surely stand out and impress your friends or anyone who sees it.