Biomechanical Tattoos

If you’re looking for a new tattoo that’s very modern and elaborate biomechanical tattoos make a great choice. Biomechanical tattoos are a style of tattooing that reveals mechanical and robotic parts underneath the flesh. The style originally emerged in the 80’s and became popular by illustrator H.R. Giger who designed from the Alien movies. Usually biomechanical tattoos are done in black and grey ink to portray silver and metallic parts, but sometimes color is used, especially in wires or tubing. Red can be used to emphasize human parts like muscle tissue while blue shows up in metallic details as well as cables and wires. The amount of color used in a biomechanical tattoo really depends on the individual’s preference.

Part of the appeal of biomechanical tattoos lies in the fact that they are not just images tattooed to the skin, but seems to become part of the body. Many bio-mech tattoos reveal parts of a robotic skeleton or parts which make the person look like a real live cyborg made of robotic and human parts. Biomechanical tattoos are usually dark and gritty and have a very futuristic vibe. It’s easy to imagine what a sci-fi future where people replace their body parts with robotic or mechanical parts might actually be like. Biomech tattoos portray such a future revealing metal parts under flesh. But not everyone chooses to become a cyborg; some biomechanical tattoos display animals or humans with both biological and mechanical parts.

Biomechanical tattoos usually require a few sittings since they involve a lot of details and sometimes many colors. Make sure that when you get a biomechanical tattoo that you find an artist with experience with them specifically. It’s especially important if you’re getting a biomechanical tattoo that reveals a part of the body or skeleton that they artist is able to match the dimensions to your own body to make it seem realistic.

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